October 2020 Pine Grove Happenings Newsletter

This and That . . .   

  • Sunday Services  Schedule (unless noted otherwise)*

11:00 am Festival of Worship live inside at church and via Zoom & Facebook

Ø   Scheduling Church Facilities: Please email Nancy L. Burleson at church office to reserve the Fellowship Hall or Sanctuary.
      NOTE: Facility availability can be checked by going to the “Calendar” tab on our website.  All outside requests must be approved by Church Council. 

This Month…

Sunday, October 4
11:00 am  World Communion Sunday*
2:00 pm    Finance Committee Meeting

Monday, October 5
6:30 pm    Choir Practice
6:30 pm    Boy Scout Meeting

Tuesday, October 6
7:00 pm   United Methodist Women Meeting (FH)

Wednesday, October 7
Leadership Reports due to Makayla Hinson

Thursday, October 8
6:00 pm    United Methodist Men Meeting (No meal)

Sunday, October 11
11:00 am   Festival of Worship (inside)
 3:00 pm    Baby Shower for Jaimie Allan (FH -Drop In)**

Monday, October 12  **Columbus Day**
6:30 pm    Choir Practice
6:30 pm    NO Boy Scout Meeting

Tuesday, October 13
6:30 pm    Church Council Meeting (Sanctuary)

Wednesday, October 14
11:30 am   Young at Heart Luncheon (FH)

Sunday, October 18
11:00 am  Festival of Worship Service (inside)

Monday, October 19
6:30 pm   Choir Practice
6:30 pm   Boy Scout Meeting

Sunday, October 25
11:00 am  Festival of Worship Service (inside)

Monday, October 26
6:30 pm   Choir Practice
6:30 pm   Boy Scout Meeting

Tuesday, October 27
6:00 pm   Community Inn Meal – Sam Lambert – Lead

*For October Sunday Indoor Services – Please bring and wear your mask when you come. You will enter through the front doors of the church and exit to the right of the pulpit down the ramp unless otherwise instructed. Please remember to distance 6 feet from the people in front of you.  Services will also be available via Zoom & FaceBook (see links below).

**Baby Shower for Jaime Allen on Sunday, October 11 at 3:00 pm Given by Friends and Family – See Flyer
**Baby Shower Flyer Link


SCCM Monthly Need for OCTOBER
Paper Goods – Toilet Tissue, Paper Towels, Facial Tissue, Cleaning Supplies

Financial Update
as of September 30, 2020

YTD General Fund Contributions       $78,264.51
YTD Expenses                                    $70,158.17

 2020 Weekly Budget Needs               $2,386.90                  
 09/27/2020 Contributions                   $3,675.00

Ushers for October…………..John Burleson & Daniel Burleson
Tabulators for October……..…Robin Hearne & Kathy Odell

Pine Grove family:
Family of Barry Dean Luther
Donnie Bowers
Melody Bowers
Trudy Bunting
Betty J. Burleson
Betty R. Burleson
John H. Burleson
Lib Burleson
Lovenia Burleson
Nancy Eudy
Dave Howard
Ann Mercer
Lori Moore
Matt Price
Debbie Stiller
Linda Stiller
Luke Tucker

Homebound/Nursing Home Members:
Sandra Almond
Carol Burleson
Kathleen Efird

Extended family:
Family of Myra Ledbetter – Kathy Odell’s Sister
Alice Alimonti – David Odell’s Mother
George H. Burleson – Hilda’s Nephew
Hailey Frank – Kathy Odell’s Granddaughter
Betty Furr – Ricky Furr’s Mother
Rita Heatherly – Ally Heatherly’s Step Mother
Todd Howell – Keith & Loveina Burleson’s &
Joann Whitley’s nephew
Doris Jones – Anita Walker’s Mother
Baby Josie – Ritchie Stiller’s cousin
Greg Rosenkranz – Annita & Bob Ammerman”s son
Jon Ledbetter – Kathy Odell’s Nephew
Larry Morgan – Trent Morgan’s Dad
Faye Terry – Nancy Eudy’s Sister

Friends and neighbors:
Family of Earline Barrier Burris, Family of Robert Little, Family of Jaime Harrison, Greg Burris Family who lost their daughter, Billy Weatherly, Trooper Chris Wooten, Karen Blakely, Gary Loftis, Trent Burleson, Jimmy Harris, Christina Stucky, Lucy Seick, Eddy Flurio’s Dad,  All those affected by Covid 19.

Nomination Committee News

Your Nominations Committee met on Tuesday September 29, 2020 to determine the church leadership. Hilda Snuggs challenged all our leaders to remain in the same positions for another year due to the disruption caused by the pandemic. The committee approved this challenge with the exceptions that Ally Heatherly will become VBS Coordinator as Makayla Hinson asked to be relieved of this duty. Also, It was agreed to remove Glenn Rogers from the Trustee Committee.

We want to thank everyone for your service and support in this difficult time. We pray that as we continue next year the experience of our current leadership will continue to bring us together and move us forward in growing the Kingdom for Christ.

Please step up to assist our leaders in serving our community.
Our 2021 officers  will be as follows effective January 1, 2021:

  • Church Council (Monthly Meetings  2nd Tuesday @6:30pm or as called by Chair in Sanctuary)
    • Chair of Church Council: Davie Burleson
    • Secretary of Church Council: Makayla Hinson
    • The Lay Leader: Robin Hinson
    • Chair of the Finance Committee: Dale Burleson
    • Church Treasurer: Nancy L. Burleson
    • Chair of the Board of Trustees: Gene Parker
    • Chair of the P-PRC: Jo Burleson
    • Lay Member to Annual Conference: Dave Howard [alternate: Davie Burleson]
    • UMM President: Roddy Tomberlin
    • UMW President: Anita Walker
    • A Young Adult Representative (18-35 y/o): Trevor Davis
    • Mission Coordinator: Sam Lambert
    • Outreach Coordinator: Keith Burleson
    • Music Ministry: Kim Bates
    • Scout Leader: Ritchie Stiller
    • The Pastor: Rev. Ron Hartman
  • Nominations and Leadership

2020       Hilda Snuggs      Keith Burleson         Robin Hinson
2021       Gail Efird         Gordon Burleson      Pastor Ron Chair
2022       Nancy A. Burleson         Nancy L. Burleson                                     Dave Howard Vice Chair

  • P-PRC

2020       Nancy A. Burleson                 Kim Bates                                           Jo Burleson (Chair)          Robin Hinson
2021       Anita Walker                      Gerald Efrid                                           Dale Burleson                    Dave Howard
2022       Trent Morgan                      Makayla Hinson                               Joann Whitley

  • Finance
    • Chair: Dale Burleson
    • Chair of Church Council: Davie Burleson
    • Church Treasurer: Nancy L. Burleson
    • Assistant Treasurer: Angie Davis
    • The Lay Leader: Robin Hinson
    • The Financial Secretary: Alesha Morgan
    • Representative of Trustees: Gene Parker
    • Chair of P-PRC: Jo Burleson
    • Lay Member of Annual Conference: Dave Howard
    • Tabulators: Gene Parker, Kathy Odell, Robin HearneGordon Burleson, Jo Scott& Aleisha Morgan
    • The Pastor: Rev. Ron Hartman
  • Trustees

2020       Alan Tucker                        Mike Slaughter
2021       Gene Parker (Chair)        Parker Hinson                                           Richard Walker
2022       Nancy A. Burleson           Trent Morgan                                           Ritchie Stiller

  • Worship
    • Pastor: Rev. Ron Hartman
    • Lay Leader: Robin Hinson
    • Music Director: Kim Bates
    • Pianist: Nancy A. Burleson
    • Organist: Glen Burleson
    • Communion Stewards: Ruth Lovgren & Makayla Hinson
    • Children’s Sermon Coordinator: Anita Walker
    • Worship Arts Director: Kim Bates
    • A/V Technicians: Trent Morgan, Trevor Davis, & John Bates
    • Acolyte Coordinators: Nancy A. Burleson & Makayla Hinson
    • Acolytes: Varies
  • Administrative & Communications
    • Communication Coordinator (Email & Calendar): Nancy L Burleson
    • Bulletin Coordinator: Ruth Lovgren
    • Newsletter Coordinator: Nancy L Burleson
    • Membership Secretary: Hilda Snuggs
    • Church Historian: John Burleson
  • Christian Education/Sunday School
    • Church School Superintendent: Lynn Slaughter
    • Burleson/Bryant Class Facilitators: Keith Burleson, Gerald Efrid, Lorene Scott, Dale Burleson, & Jo Burleson
    • Adult Class Facilitator: Kathy Odell
    • Young Adult (18-35) Class Facilitators: Robin Hinson
    • Middle & High School Class Facilitators: TBD
    • Elementary School Class Facilitators: TBD
  • Mission, Outreach, & Hospitality
    • Sunday Worship Ushers & Greeters: Varies
    • Sunday Morning Lights and Doors Steward: Robin & Kellie Hearne
    • Sunday Worship Attendance Pad Stewards: Robin & Kellie Hearne
    • Church Sign Steward: Rev. Ron Hartman & Robin Hinson
    • Wednesday Night Meal Coordinator: Robin Hinson & Nancy L Burleson
  • Adult Ministry
    • Senior Adult Ministry Coordinator (Young at Heart): Nancy A Burleson
    • Homebound Care Coordinator: Joanne Whitley
  • Children & Youth Ministry
  • Children & Youth Ministry Coordinators: Kim Bates & Ally Heatherly
  • Vacation Bible School Coordinator: Ally Heatherly
  • Church & Schools Ministry Coordinator: Juanita Poplin
  • Troop 51 Scoutmaster: Ritchie Stiller
  • Nursery Team (10am-12pm):
    • Nursery Coordinator: Hilda Snuggs
    • 1st Sunday Team: Hilda Snuggs & Jo Burleson
    • 2nd Sunday Team: Bonnie Burleson & Anita Walker
    • 3rd Sunday Team: Nancy Eudy & Christi Tucker
    • 4th Sunday Team: Wanda Furr & Gina Furr
    • Substitute Team: TBD
  • Safe Sanctuaries Team:
    • Chair: Kim Bates
    • Chair of Church Council: Davie Burleson
    • The Lay Leader: Robin Hinson
    • Chair of the Board of Trustees: Gene Parker
    • Chair of the P-PRC (Background Checks): Jo Burleson
    • Pastor: Rev. Ron Hartman
  • Cemetery Committee
    • Chair: Gordon Burleson
    • Member-at-large: John Burleson
    • Member-at-large: Keith Burleson
    • Member-at-large: Paul Eudy
    • Member-at-large: Linda Stiller
  • David Hinson Endowment Trustees
    • Chair: Keith Burleson
    • Vice Chair: Robin Hinson
    • Secretary: Kathy Odell
    • Chair of the Finance Committee: Dale Burleson
    • Church Treasurer: Nancy L. Burleson
    • Representative from Board of Trustees: Gene Parker
    • Member-at large: Ritchie Stiller
    • Pastor: Rev. Ron Hartman

Stay safe & keep Praying!
Nancy L. Burleson
Communications Coordinator & Treasurer