Pine Grove Happenings 3/15/2021

Sunday Joys:
Seeing all of you together in the Sanctuary on Sunday!
Carol Burleson is doing well (under Hospice care) and has a new Great Grandbaby!
Sunday, March 13th was Oleamer’s 90th birthday and Keith’s and Loveina’s 53rd Anniversary!
Kathy and her family heard from her Granddaughter Haley!

Prayer Requests:  
Jonathan Hartman
John & Nancy L. Burleson 
Loveina Burleson 
Brenda Hill (Christie’s Mom)
Chris Harleson
Family of Casey Bates
Our Church and Community
Praying folks continue to be able to get their Covid vaccines and for all those who have been affected in any way by Covid 19

Sunday School is Back! – The Older Adult Class will be starting back with Sunday School at 10:00 am on Sunday, March 21 and Lorene Scott will be Teaching the class. Hope to see you there!

For The Next Three Weeks on Sunday Evening:
We will gather churches together and do a story of a Hym on FaceBook after 6:00 pm each Sunday evening.

Every Week:
Join us for Daily Worship videos on Facebook- Monday through Friday:
Please join Pastor Ron for 5 minute of Daily Worship Monday through Friday on our Facebook page. They are available after 7:00 AM  each morning. Share and Like our page to get notifications.

This Week:
Monday, March 15            6:30 pm  Boy Scouts Meeting 

Wednesday, March 17**St. Patrick’s Day**

Thursday, March 18          6:00 pm  18-30 Sunday School Class Meeting (To fill Easter Eggs and Enjoy a Meal Together)  – This is open to anyone who wishes to participate!

Coming Soon:
Sunday, March 21           10:00 am   Sunday School Classes
                                          11:00 am   Worship Service inside and via Zoom & Facebook**

Monday, March 22            6:30 pm  Boy Scouts Meeting 

Thursday, March 25         6:30 pm United Methodist Men Meeting (FH)

Looking Ahead:
Sunday, March 28           10:00 am   Sunday School
                                          11:00 am   Worship Service inside and
                                           3:30 – 5:00 pm  Easter Egg Hunt

Monday, March 29            6:30 pm  Boy Scouts Meeting 

Tuesday, March 30  6:00 pm Community Inn (Date Corrected from 3/23 to 3/30)

*Boy Scout Camp Cards – It is the time of year that the troop is selling  Camp Cards. Let me know how many you would like and how I can get them to you.  They are $5 each with tear offs for $5 dollars off at Tractor Supply, Food Lion, and Harris Teeter when you make a purchase. Each store has a minimum purchase amount to qualify.
Returning this year, Handy Mart Cafe offers a free drink with a $5 purchase on the main card.

**COVID UPDATE from Pastor Ron:
Greetings. I wanted to update you on our status for Covid. The task force met Sunday night and the following was decided.

Starting this Sunday March 7th, we will return to in person worship in the sanctuary at 11:00 AM wearing masks, washing hands, and physical distancing. The service will be limited to keep the time to about 30 minutes. We will not have congregational singing or children’s moment for the month of March. We will continue to have Zoom and Facebook available for those who are uncomfortable with in person worship.

We will also resume in person meetings of less than 25 wearing masks, washing hands, and physical distancing. This includes Sunday School from 10:00-10:45AM. Other meetings are on the schedule.
Thank you for your faithfulness and patience as we continue to maneuver these unknown waters. Please invite those who do not have email or who do not have a church family. I hope to see you on Sunday. Have a blessed week.
Pastor Ron Hartman
Friendship/Pine Grove Charge

Please continue to wear your masks, wash hands often, stay 6 feet away from others & keep praying for our world, nation, church, and community!

Nancy L. Burleson
Communications Coordinator