Your Pastor’s Heart for April

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

Our year has been challenging. Many of us are looking to emerge from the pandemic. I assure you there is an end. Our world will never be quite the same. This is not the first-time humans have experienced this. As we Easter people spend time in the Easter season, we feel the grief of things that have happened, sickness, loss, and death of loved ones. I want us to not forget the grief is not all there is. There is resurrection. Jesus is alive and well and we are still here to share the love and hope of a living Christ.

I want to help us to move to healing through His grace, peace and love. We can begin that with this blessing from Kate Bowler, originally for Maundy Thursday but helpful for addressing our grief and beginning our New Life!

O God, I am overwhelmed with grief and too tired to cry. O God I need to hear you say my name. God have mercy, Christ have mercy, Spirit have mercy.

O my creator, speak me back into being. Show me the bonds of love that formed me, that hold me. Let them be as iron that enters my soul.
Blessed are we who see that this present darkness it is not all there is.
Blessed are we who look for the one, this Jesus dressed as a servant who washes my feet.

Blessed are we who say I am known, I am loved, I can love again, I have loved you with an everlasting love. (Jeremiah 31:3)

God have mercy, Christ have mercy, Spirit have mercy.

Hush child. Let me hold you. You are mine.

As we see Spring bring forth new life, may we feel new life in Christ in service and in love together. May our new life bring hope to the world around us. As we move through this new normal, keep Jesus central in your life and our world.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Ron