Your Pastor’s Heart for October

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ:

As I sit down to write you, I am reflecting on Psalm 8: “Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name throughout the earth! You made your glory higher than heaven!” As summer ends and fall begins, God’s majesty is manifest all around us. With all that has been going on. I am so grateful for God’s blessing for my family. I am thankful for your prayers and support through Jonathan’s surgery.

I think of how our faithfulness and our relationships are intertwined. God’s relationships are strong, respectful, loving, sacrificial and selfless. This is as true of our relationship with God as it is of our relationships with other people. Therefore, God willingly gave God’s Self to us in Christ.

In Psalm 8, we get a wonderful picture of the kind of relationship that God seeks to have with us, and that God desires for us to have with our world. Although God is so great and majestic, God takes notice of women and men. Though we are insignificant in this vast cosmos, we are not insignificant to God. God inspires us to celebrate God because in our worship, God is able to reveal God’s Self to us, and connect with us intimately. By this connection, God fills us with God’s image, God’s glory! As varying and beautiful as the fall colors we experience.

When it comes to the world, God appointed human beings as caretakers of creation. Tragically, we have taken this to mean that we can exploit the world and its creatures for our own gain. But what God intended was that we would care for creation and develop a deep, loving relationship with all that God has made. When we enjoy true relationship with God and our world, our love guides us to seek the best in every situation.

As we move through fall and into Advent, my prayer is that we will find ways to cultivate relationships born of grace and love where we truly see and appreciate the other person. I hope we will continue to seek ways to offer service, words of affirmation and thanksgiving in order for meaningful connections to happen.

I give thanks for God’s presence and love in the life of our church and give thanks for the wonderful world that God has given us. I pray He will continue to enable us to be a light to the world around us. I give thanks for you His faithful people. Join me as we say, thank you, God, for giving me a home in this world, in your love and in your service.

Peace and Grace.
Pastor Ron