Pine Grove Happenings 12/6/2021

Sunday, December 5th Joys:
Pastor Ron Hartman – Having folks participate in the Service is a joy!
Also, Jonathan got an injection of anti-rejection medication and he is doing well.
Robin Hinson– I have a Joy and  Concern – It was a joy to serve at the Community Inn last week, but at the same time there is concern for those whom we served and their needs. 
Dave Howard– I got to spend time with Family and none of them are mad at me.
Christi Tucker– This is a Joy and a Concern – Luke got his new base assignment and he is going to England.

Prayer Concerns:
Family of Amy Almond (Ronnie & Treva Hinson’s daughter)
The sister of one of the ladies at the Community Inn 
Dave Howard’s oldest son
Pine Grove as a church and our plans for the future.
Pray for our Choir

This Week:
Monday, December 6            12:00 pm  High Noon AA Meeting

Tuesday, December 7           12:00 pm  High Noon AA Meeting
 6:30 pm UMW Christmas Party (FH)**

Wednesday, December 8      12:00 pm  High Noon AA Meeting

Thursday, December 9           12:00 pm  High Noon AA Meeting

Friday, December 10              12:00 pm  High Noon AA Meeting

Saturday, December 11          12:00 pm  High Noon AA Meeting

Coming Soon:
Sunday, December 12            10:00 am Sunday School – All ages
                                                 11:00 am Worship Service along with Zoom & Facebook* 
                                                  5:30 pm Choir Practice
                                                  5:30 pm Children needed to participate in the Christmas Special***

Monday, December 13            12:00 pm  High Noon AA Meeting

Tuesday, December 14           12:00 pm  High Noon AA Meeting

Wednesday, December 15      12:00 pm  High Noon AA Meeting
                                                   18-35 Sunday School Class Dinner

Thursday, December 16           12:00 pm  High Noon AA Meeting

Friday, December 17                12:00 pm  High Noon AA Meeting

Saturday, December 18            12:00 pm  High Noon AA Meeting

Looking Ahead:
Sunday, December 19            10:00 am Sunday School – All ages
                                                 11:00 am Worship Service along with Zoom & Facebook* 
                                                  5:00 pm Christmas Musical w/ meal following

Friday, December 24               7:00 pm Christmas Eve Service

*Covid Update:
We will ask everyone to maintain physical distancing of 6 feet between family units. We recommend that everyone regardless of vaccination status wear a mask during worship and fellowship as well as meetings. We will have limited singing and the choir will not wear masks while singing.

**UMW Christmas Party – Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, December 7th at 6:30 pm.  We will meet at Fellowship Hall for a Christmas Party and fellowship.  We will be having light refreshments and a gift exchange game. For those attending, please bring a finger food to share and a wrapped gift (no more than $5). All ladies are invited.
Letting Anita or any UMW member know if you plan to attend would be greatly appreciated.

***Children Needed for Christmas Special –
We need kids to participate in the Christmas musical as angels and shepherds on December 19th.
All are welcome, so encourage grandkids and neighborhood children. Also need 3 men to be wisemen. Practice will be Sunday December 12th at 5:30. Please arrive at 5 to be assigned a costume.

Kim Bates

UMW is Selling Ornaments!-  Order forms are on the table in the back of the sanctuary along with an example of the ornaments we are selling (Hearts with nativity scene).  Contact Anita Walker or one of the other members of the UMW to place your order!

Pine Grove Christmas Musical in December
Practice for the upcoming Christmas musical will be on Sundays at 5:30 pm in the sanctuary. This is the same musical we worked on last year but was cancelled. It’s easy and pretty short.  It is from the Brentwood Benson “Ready to Sing” collection and is mainly Christmas carols. It won’t take a lot to get ready. 
Even if you don’t attend Pine Grove right now, please consider hel ping us with this.  Please consider coming and enjoy the fellowship and help us give the congregation a special Christmas program in honor of those we’ve lost over these last few months and years as we try to rebuild.
If you want to participate but feel that you can’t make very many practices, that’s no problem. I will get you a book and CD. It’s so easy, it would only take attending one or two practices to be comfortable with it.
The performance is Sunday, December 19th at 5:00 pm with the traditional meal to follow.  This year the meal will be catered instead of covered dish, but Santa has already been invited. 

Kim Bates

Every Week:
Join us for Daily Worship videos on Facebook- Monday through Friday:
Please join Pastor Ron for 5 minute of Daily Worship Monday through Friday on our Facebook page. They are available after 7:00 AM  each morning. Share and Like our page to get notifications.

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Thank you all for all you do!
Please stay safe!

Nancy L. Burleson
Communications Coordinator