Your Pastor’s Heart for December 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ.
                                                                I give thanks for you as I see God at work in our midst and look forward to the Advent season and the coming year.

              As we enter Advent, I want us to understand, Advent as an invitation. For many of us, it is the invitation to get into that Christmas spirit. For others it is to count down the days to the grand celebration with presents and the holiday transformation of everything around us.

For Christians there is a deeper and more profound invitation being offered in the season of Advent. The invitation is to remember that we are heading for home. Or if we’re not, if we’ve forgotten that there is a home we are headed toward, it is the invitation to long for the home we call the kin-dom of God. It is where family resides, where peace resides, where justice abides, and hope will rise. Advent reminds us that we shouldn’t be complacent about the way things are. It reminds us not to become angrily attuned to every perceived failing in those around us or the world at large; but that we want to be those who look forward to something greater, something more that is just on the horizon. Advent is the call to come home.

Our worship series is “Come Home for Christmas” not “Come Home for Advent.” It may surprise you to know we’re not all about Christmas, the holiday, about December 25 with all the jingle bells and tinsel. We are about Christmas, the Mass of Christ, the celebration of the Incarnate one who comes to remind us that we are not alone, and God is with us. We are about the longing for the coming kin-dom, where we will study war no more, where people will walk in the light, where joy will be found, and love with be the tie that binds us together. That’s the home for which we long. That’s the invitation this Advent season to us and to the world: “Come home for Christmas.”

Take the time to enjoy this time of preparation of our hearts to welcome the King of Kings into our lives as “God with us” at home, at work, at play as we invite Him into every facet of our lives. Our daily devotion will help us prepare as we listen to hear “Heaven and Nature Sing”. Be sure to listen in each day. Renew the song in your heart as you come home to Jesus. Invite those who need a song or a taste of home to join you. May God, bring you hope, peace, joy and love as you come home.

Yours in Christ

Pastor Ron