Pine Grove Happenings 12/13/2021

Sunday, December 12th Joys:
Dave Howard – My son found out he does not have Parkinson’s.  He got involved with some kind of paint chemical. Thank God!
Robin Hinson– Our Women’s Group had our Christmas Fellowship on Tuesday evening and Bonnie Burleson, Anita Walker, and Christi Tucker did a lot of work putting it together and it was just a great time to be together.
Parker Hinson– I just want to say that it’s a joy to be in good health and it is something we all take for granted.  It is just a blessing to be in good health.
Pastor Ron – I get joy just looking out and seeing you all!

Prayer Concerns:
Unspoken Request
Family of Amy Almond (Ronnie & Treva Hinson’s daughter)
Family of the Lady Killed on Canton Road
Reggie Barringer
Rex Burleson
Family of Bud Hatley -Oleamer’s Brother
Be in prayer for our church as we begin some new things this year. We are going to begin a Grief Group because we have had so much loss in our church this year. Not just pray for these folks, but reach out to some of our folks by phone and just say hello.  We are going to have a few other groups in the future to help those in our community with various needs. 
Pray for those in Kentucky and Mississippi and the states where the severe tornados hit.

This Week:
Monday, December 13         12:00 pm  High Noon AA Meeting

Tuesday, December 14        12:00 pm  High Noon AA Meeting

Wednesday, December 15   12:00 pm  High Noon AA Meeting
                                                7:00 pm   18-35 Sunday School Class Dinner

Thursday, December 16        12:00 pm  High Noon AA Meeting

Friday, December 17             12:00 pm  High Noon AA Meeting

Saturday, December 18         12:00 pm  High Noon AA Meeting

Coming Soon:
Sunday, December 19         10:00 am Sunday School – All ages
                                              11:00 am Worship Service along with Zoom & Facebook* 
 5:00 pm Christmas Musical with meal and a special guest following the meal.**

Monday, December 20         12:00 pm  High Noon AA Meeting
                                                6:00 pm  The Longest Night Service***

Tuesday, December 21         12:00 pm  High Noon AA Meeting

Wednesday, December 22    12:00 pm  High Noon AA Meeting

Thursday, December 23        12:00 pm  High Noon AA Meeting

Friday, December 24              12:00 pm  High Noon AA Meeting
7:00 pm Christmas Eve Service

Saturday, December 25 **Christmas Day – Christ is Born!**

*Covid Update:
We will ask everyone to maintain physical distancing of 6 feet between family units. We recommend that everyone regardless of vaccination status wear a mask during worship and fellowship as well as meetings. We will have limited singing and the choir will not wear masks while singing.

**Pine Grove Christmas Musical on December 19:
We need kids to participate in the Christmas musical as angels and shepherds on December 19th at 5:00 pm.
All are welcome, so encourage grandkids and neighborhood children.  
The performance will be on Sunday, December 19th at 5:00 pm with the traditional meal to follow.  This year the meal will be catered instead of covered dish, but Santa has already been invited. 

Kim Bates

***The Longest Night Service
Will be held on Monday, December 20 at 6:00 pm at Salem United Methodist Church on NC 73 Hwy in Albemarle.  
See Details Here

UMW is Selling Ornaments!-  Order forms are on the table in the back of the sanctuary along with an example of the ornaments we are selling (Hearts with nativity scene).  Contact Anita Walker or one of the other members of the UMW to place your order!

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Thank you all for all you do!
Please stay safe!

Nancy L. Burleson
Communications Coordinator