Pine Grove Happenings 5/16/2022

Sunday,  May 15 Joys:
Roddy Tomberlin – Clara had tubes put in her ears on Tuesday morning and did great and can even hear better already!
Carolyn Burleson – It is a joy to be here and a joy to hear Roddy sing!
Sam Lambert – Mom made it through her surgery and is doing well!

Prayer Concerns:
Vicki Barringer
Roger Burleson
Wanda Huneycutt
Family of Clay Barrier
Family of Tommy Megs
Family of Raphael
The families of the 13 folks killed in Buffalo, NY at a grocery store
The 17 folks shot in Milwaukee
Please be in prayer for our nation, and for more Love and less Hatred

This Week:
Every Monday through Saturday at 12:00 pm – High Noon AA Meeting
Monday, May 16                6:30 pm Choir Practice

Tuesday, May 17               6:30 pm  District Meeting (Kathy Odell – FH)

Thursday, May 19 6:00 pm United Methodist Men Meal & Meeting

Coming Soon:
Sunday, May  22              10:00 am Sunday School
                                          11:00 am Worship Service along with Zoom & Facebook     

Monday, May 23                6:30 pm Choir Practice

Every Week:
Daily Worship videos on Facebook- Monday through Friday:
Please join Pastor Ron for 5 minute of Daily Worship Monday through Friday on our Facebook page. They are available after 7:00 AM  each morning. Share and Like our page to get notifications.

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Thank you all for all you do!
Please stay safe!

Nancy L. Burleson
Communications Coordinator