Pine Grove Happenings 5/9/2022

Sunday,  May 8 Joys:
Pastor Ron – Mother’s Day! Mom’s are a Joy!
Cindy Dry – I have a new mode of transportation this morning and that’s my feet!  I walked in here this morning!
Dave Howard – I’m here and that’s a good thing for me!
Pastor Ron – Sam is well and is at home
Robin Hinson – Reggie was in the hospital this week and he is here today!
Anita Walker – David Jackson and Christi are back home in Albemarle!
Keith Burleson – I thank God for bringing Gina through her surgery!
Gordon Burleson – Helen is back home too!

Prayer Concerns:
Family of Jim Enos
Judy Lambert
Mattie McCree
Remember our brothers and sisters at Pleasant Field UMC (part of the Empire Charge) who had a tree come down into their sanctuary.

This Week:
Every Monday through Saturday at 12:00 pm – High Noon AA Meeting
Monday, May 9                 6:30 pm Choir Practice
                                           6:30 pm District Meeting (Kathy Odell – FH)

Wednesday, May 11        11:30 am Young at Heart – Rosebriar Restaurant
Coming Soon:
Sunday, May  15              10:00 am Sunday School
                                          11:00 am Worship Service along with Zoom & Facebook                              
Monday, May 16                6:30 pm Choir Practice

Tuesday, May 17               6:30 pm  District Meeting (Kathy Odell – FH)

Financial Update for May 
 as of May 4, 2022

YTD General Fund Contributions       $ 28,791.50
YTD Expenses                                    $ 40,031.62

2022 Weekly Budget Needs               $   2,301.00                  
4/24/2022 General Contributions        $   1,667.00 

Every Week:
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Thank you all for all you do!
Please stay safe!

Nancy L. Burleson
Communications Coordinator