Pine Grove Happenings 7/4/2022

Sunday, July 3rd Joys:
Makayla Hinson – I want to say thank you to every single person here for all the help. The support is so appreciated for the VBS we put on this last week! There are a lot of hands that went into this and I would like to go ahead and name off the leads and give a round of applause for everybody. So, anyone who prepared and served dinners and snacks, that was a huge part; the celebration leaders; all those involved in skits, we had different skit people every night and that was really awesome; all the tribe leaders; music leaders; game leaders; synagogue leaders; craft leaders; bakery and market place leaders; decorating team; tear down and clean up crew; those who posted on Face Book to keep up with the event; people who made ice cream; all the hands that went into commencement; and all the parent who brought their kids!

Kim Bates – I hope you enjoyed the video, the person that took most of those pictures, had to be Makayla and I wish Trevor and Alley were here today.  It’s just incomprehensible the amount of work and planning that Makayla and Trevor and Alley put into this Bible School and I even saw first hand, Makayla tried to get folks to help and was told no for whatever reason and there was no frown, It’s just like, “that’s okay.”  Nothing takes away her joy and she went above and beyond; I can’t thank her enough!  I really meant to at Bible School commencement at the end. 
It looks like the folks that are up there, to the parents, are the ones that did everything. I was just the music person, basically a Christion aerobics for 20 minutes for class every night, but that’s a big part of commencement and it makes it look like I was a big part of it, but it was Makayla Hinson, and Alley, and Trevor.  Makayla and her planning skills; Alley is already hitting up kids and parents for being in the Christmas play that we don’t even have picked out yet.
And we couldn’t get folks in here to lead groups so Trevor got folks outside our church to lead group. Lee and Billie Jean came in and did that cause they love our church, but Lee, I saw him at Office Square and he said, “Trevor said he needed help and we’re going to be there!” 
So we have a lot of leadership coming up here and again, nothing could have taken place without Makayla.

Makayla Hinson – We also had two that attended this week and I would love for them to say something that they loved about this last week.
Ada Morgan, “I loved all the crafts”. And Miss Clara can you tell us something you loved this last week?
Clara Tomberlin, “I liked the music”.

Robin Hinson – And on top of all that I think Sam and Perry maybe fed at the Shelter this week.  Also, I just wondered, Bonnie how many meals did you all serve this week, did anybody count?  It was hundreds, hundreds of meals. (240 drumsticks for sure!)

Pastor Ron – If you think about it, with parents, I guarantee we had over a hundred people every night.  It was awesome!

Kathy Odell -Well if I can say something, my great nieces and nephews that came the first night, she said, “Just 5 nights? Can’t we do this two weeks?”
They have a church family that has lots of kids in it but this is their favorite week of the year and they tell us that every year so thanks to everybody that made it.
Those of us that didn’t do much, we sat around the table and talked and we learned a lot about each other and it was a whole week of good camaraderie, good relationship building.  Those of us that weren’t actively involved every minute, we still had a wonderful time. You guys really knocked it out of the park!

Ron Dry – I say we just praise God for all that he did and is doing because The Church is Alive!

Sam Lambert – At the homeless shelter I spoke to the guests that were there about how important the bible was and told them about how it gave us encouragement and direction and comfort and I said would anyone like a bible and there were a couple people who raised their hands. So I came up here and got a couple bibles (actually about a half a dozen) and was able to give a couple bibles to some homeless guys this week. That was God leading it!  Amen

Prayer Concerns:
Glenda Huneycutt
Lisa Holiday
Diana Dry
Sharon Almond
Remember our country and how divided we are, I think reading helps us to understand that our country has taken a beating, but we’re going to come through it with God’s help – Amen!

This Week:
The AA group has suspended the Monday through Saturday at 12:00 pm – High Noon AA Meetings until they decide to begin again.

Monday, July 4  – Independence Day Holiday
NO Choir Practice
Tuesday, July 5             NO UMW Meeting in July

Looking Ahead:
Sunday, July 10            10:00 am Sunday School
                                     11:00 am Worship Service

Monday, July 11 –  NO Choir Practice

Wednesday, July 13 – NO Young at Heart in July

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Nancy L. Burleson
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