Pine Grove Happenings 7/18/2022

Sunday, July 17th Joys:
Michael –  I am just glad to be here this morning. It’s a beautiful sunny day and I just thank the Lord for everyday.
Unknown – We had fun at the beach last week for Wake The World Thursday.  We rowed the boat and went swimming in the lake and had a good day!
Ada Morgan, My birthday is coming up soon! July 19th and I’ll be seven.
Ron Dry – Our friends have a 9-month old who was in the hospital in ICU and was on a respirator and feeding tube and he came home this week. We praise God for the healing that has taken place!
Dave Howard – It’s Sunday and we are meeting in community again!
Cindy Dry – Aunt Hilda, (neighborhood watch Reggie noticed her blinds have not opened for a got medication and is feeling better now.

Prayer Concerns:
Priscilla Clark 
John Burleson
Family of Brian Wilson (Casey’s Uncle)
Jonathan Hartman
Ronnie Huneycutt
Be in prayer for our church family
Be in prayer for me today 
Be in prayer for our nation, our church and one another

This Week:
Thursday, July 21 6:00 pm United Methodist Men Meeting 

Coming Soon:
Sunday, July 24            10:00 am Sunday School
                                       11:00 am Worship Service
                                       12:00 pm Finance Committee Meeting

Tuesday, July 26            6:00 pm Community Inn – Sam Lambert has lead

Looking Ahead
Monday, August 1         6:30 pm Choir Practice Resumes

Tuesday, August 2           6:30 pm United Methodist Women Meeting

Every Week:
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Thank you all for all you do!
Please stay safe!

Nancy L. Burleson