Pine Grove Happenings 11/21/2022

Sunday, November 13th Joys:
Cindy Dry – I ran into David Odell and he completed an act of kindness that I appreciate ever so much.
Michael – I’m just grateful to be here and happy that I get to play the organ!
Jonathan – I will get to go home Wednesday for a happy Thanksgiving!
Dave Howard – I made it back before the benediction.
Rick Price – We’re just blessed to have my Mom here for Thanksgiving and today is her birthday!
Donna Morris – Congratulations having Mom 78 years! She looks too young to be 78 and we’re glad to have Magic Man back.

Prayer Concerns
Rodney Tomberlin
Richard Walker
Family of Richard Walker’s Uncle
Family of Anita Lynn Sedberry
Clyde Ridenhour
Graham Crosby
William Simpler
Cindy Almond
Janet Nickolet
Ronnie Hartman

Be in prayer during our Advent and Christmas season.  I want us to have Jesus front and center during this season.
We are starting a new Advent Series,
     We will gather to worship each Sunday night for 45 minutes or so to try and find God’s Vision for us and His Church and the World.  Please prayerfully consider joining this group.

This Week:
Monday, November 21          6:30 pm Choir Practice

Thursday, November 24       Thanksgiving Day!

Coming Soon:
Sunday, November 27           10:00 am Sunday School
                                                11:00 am Worship Service
 4:00 pm Community Thanksgiving/Advent Worship at Salem UMC

Monday, November 28          6:30 pm Choir Practice

Tuesday, November 29          6:00 pm Community Inn Meal

Looking Ahead:
Sunday, December 4            Mission Sunday
                                               10:00 am Sunday School
                                               11:00 am Worship Service

Monday, December 5            6:30 pm Choir Practice

Tuesday, December 6            UMW Christmas Party (FH) – Please bring finger food to share and a ‘White Elephant’ gift for a fun-ny gift exchange!

The United Methodist Women are Selling Christmas Ornaments: For $6.00 each as a fundraiser as they have in the past.  There is a sample of the beautiful ornament in the vestibule.  If you are interested in purchasing any, please fill out an order form and give it to Anita Walker or Robin Hearne along with your payment.

New Chairs for the Choir Room Have Arrived!:
The existing pews need to be removed from the choir room.  They are made of strong wood (and are heavy) and would make a great bench seat. 
If anyone is interested in taking a pew for their home, garage or work area, etc., please contact Parker Hinson or Pastor Ron.   

Financial Update for November:

General Fund Contributions ————$8,803.00
General Fund Expenses —————– $7,149.63
General Missions Contributions ——– $375.00
General Missions Expenses ————- $200.00

General Fund Contributions ————–$79,793.12
General Fund Expenses ——————-$85,968.56
General Missions Contributions ———-$7,955.00
General Missions Expenses —————$8,317.61
Cemetery Contributions ———————$300.00
Cemetery Expenses ————————-$200.00
Major Expense Reserve Contributions –$23,953.43
Major Expense Reserve Expenses ——-$8,139.10
Youth Event Contributions ——————-$1,099.93
Youth Event Expenses ————————$585.50
Building Fund Contributions —————–$1,150.00
Parsonage Fund Contributions ————-$900.00

Total Contributions YTD ———————$115,151.48
Total Expenses YTD ————————–$103,210.77

Every Week:
Sunday Service In-person and on Zoom and Facebook!
You can come to in-person worship service or watch us through zoom or on Facebook on Sunday mornings at 11:00 am. 

Daily Worship videos on Facebook- Monday through Friday:
Please join Pastor Ron for 5 minutes of Daily Worship on our Facebook page. They are available after 7:00 AM  each morning. Share and Like our page to get notifications.

Giving Thanks for all of you during this Thanksgiving Holiday!
Please stay safe!

Nancy L. Burleson
Communication Coordinator