Pastor’s Heart January 2023

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ;

The last couple of years have been hard for everyone. We continue to endure a global pandemic, political and social division, and economic recession just to name a few of the issues we’re walking through.

With that said there are some constant, unchanging truths we can hang our hope on:

God is alive and active. He is governing and expanding his kingdom through his son Jesus, who is the crucified and resurrected Christ. The world cannot overcome Him.

The church is still the tool selected to offer light and hope to the whole world. However imperfect it is, if we the Body of Christ will all devote time to learning the scripture, praying and working to be Jesus to the world, the church will not just survive but thrive.

Spreading the Good News through ordinary people is what will drive the church’s mission forward as it has from the beginning. It is not technology nor programs that drive the mission but people offering the Jesus they believe and love to those people who are searching for hope.

With this in mind, in this new year of 2023, we can overcome all that has been and look forward to a new and bright future in Christ. What has been is behind us and cannot be changed. The year of 2022 is history. It is okay to mourn what was lost or hard but we must move forward. Many of us are a little tired from all the preparing for Christmas and all the special events and family gatherings. Take rest.

As we welcome the new year, a new chapter is opening in the story of our life and of the church. I am hopeful that the new year brings new life, changes in stressful situations, and relationships will become stronger and be renewed. As we enter a new year, I pray we are open to fully participate in new adventures and new journeys the year might bring.

Let’s try to love God and our neighbors with our whole hearts. Let’s each share the Good News, that Jesus makes all things new by his love and grace for all who believe in Him, repent and worship Him.

“And the one seated on the throne said, ‘Behold, I am making all things new.’” Revelation 21:5

Come Lord Jesus, in this new year.

Yours in Christ;

Pastor Ron