Pastor’s Heart March 2023

Dear Church Family,

Grace and peace to you.

As I write this, I am thankful to God for the ways he has worked in the life of the church. Who would have imagined we would have been through so much to end up where we are now? God’s grace has shown through in so many ways as we healed from hurts and faced Covid, with all of the unexpected circumstances we overcame.

We have seen such a season of change in the world and the church. We have launched new ministry activities and resumed others. Worship has been expanded onto Facebook. We have pulled together as a community to receive God’s grace and overcome many obstacles.

We have come to a crossroad. At this crossroad, we have held a vote and the road of disaffiliation from the United Methodist Church has been chosen. There are some who question how we got to this but I feel at this point that is academic. What needs to be done now, is we need to move forward.

Sadly, this will mean that some will be leaving the community. My prayer is for God’s grace to guide each of us as we follow where the Holy Spirit leads. I pray this can be done with love and understanding for all who have differing positions. May we hold no animosity for those who choose a different path from our own.

Despite the difficulties we have experienced, God is still at work in our world. I am thankful for how each of you are endeavoring to follow Christ as you feel lead. Living out our faith is not always easy nor do we all have the same path. We have all been created in God’s image as His beloved children to fulfill His purposes in His Kingdom.

For me, I will be moving to a new ministry in July. I am thankful for the ways God is working among us. I praise Him for the ways He is working to bear our burdens and build up the church with love and faithfulness.

This has been a trying period. It will likely continue to be difficult – at least for a while longer. We do not know where we are going, but we know the One we follow is faithful. We do not know what is coming next, but we know that the One who is sovereign over all loves us immensely. He has given his only Son for us – how will he not along with Jesus graciously give us all good things? For he promises us that he is working all things out for the good of his people.

Whatever direction you follow, let us walk forward with faith in God and love for one another.

Your servant in Christ,

Pastor Ron