April 2023 Pine Grove Happenings Newsletter

This and That . . .   
* Sunday Services Schedule (except Easter – 7:00 and 11:00 am) 10:00 am Sunday School for all ages and 11:00 am Worship Service In-Person, Zoom and Facebook Live.* 

Ø   Scheduling Church Facilities: Please email Nancy L. Burleson at office@pinegroveumcalbemarle.org to reserve the Fellowship Hall or Sanctuary. Requests will need to be approved by Leadership Council and/or Pastor Ron. 

You can also check availability on the calendar on our website at  https://pinegroveumcalbemarle.org/prior to making your request.

Prayer requests: send an email to the address above or call the church office and leave a message (704) 982-3647.   

This Month…

Saturday, April 1            7:30 – 10:00 am UMM Community Breakfast**
                                       10:00 am Easter Egg Hunt** 

Sunday, April 2               Palm Sunday
           Mission Sunday
           10:00 am Sunday School
                                         11:00 am Worship Service*
            6:30 pm Choir Practice

Tuesday, April 4              6:30 pm United Methodist Women (Room behind Sanctuary)

Wednesday, April 5         Passover

Thursday, April 6             7:30 am  – 12:00 noon Second Harvest Food Truck***

Friday, April 7                  Good Friday
            7:30 pm Good Friday Service at Friendship Church

Sunday, April 9                 7:00 am Sonrise Service at Pine Grove Church
              (Biscuits following Sonrise Service)
             9:00 am Worship Service at Friendship Church
                                           11:00 am Worship Service at Pine Grove Church

Sunday, April 16                 10:00 am Sunday School
                                             11:00 am Worship Service
                6:30 pm Choir Practice

Thursday, April 20              6:00 pm United Methodist Men Meeting

Sunday, April 23                10:00 am Sunday School
                                              11:00 am Worship Service
                 6:30 pm Choir Practice

Tuesday, April 25                 6:00 pm Community Inn Meal (Sam Lambert has Lead)

Sunday, April 30                  10:00 am Sunday School
                                               11:00 am Worship Service
                                                6:30 pm Choir Practice

There was a vote taken on Sunday, April 2, 2023 to determine the new name of the church. 
Per Kim Bates, We unanimously voted to go back to the original name- Pine Grove Methodist Church as reflected in the stained glass window over the front door.  

**UMM Community Breakfast & Easter Egg Hunt , Saturday, April 1st!
On Saturday, April 1st the Pine Grove United Methodist Men will be hosting a Community Breakfast from 7:30 am to 10:00 am in Fellowship Hall.  Volunteers are needed from 6:00 am to 11:00 am to help with cooking, serving and clean-up.  Please contact Roddy Tomberlin, Sam Lambert, or Pastor Ron if you are able to help.
At 10:00 am there will be a Community-wide Easter Egg Hunt.  Please plan to come and bring your children or grandchildren!

***The Second Harvest Food Truck
Will be at the Agri-Civic Center on Thursday, April 6th (from 7:30 – 11:30 am.  Please contact Sam Lambert or Pastor Ron Hartman and let them know if you can help. Please help if you can as many volunteers are needed for this Mission.

Check Out Pine Grove UMC Albemarle’s Website– There you can see the monthly Pastor’s Heart and Monthly and Weekly Happening Newsletters as well as the calendar and pictures of some of our events.  Please take a moment and check it out at: https://pinegroveumcalbemarle.org/

Communication Coordinator Needed!
Nancy L. Burleson sent a letter on 3/11/2023 to Pine Grove United Methodist Church advising that she would be resigning from the position of Communication Coordinator for Pine Grove UMC, effective May 1, 2023.

After prayerful consideration, she made the decision to resign mostly because she cannot be at church, church meetings, and most events due to her obligations to her husband, John, and his care. 

Please note – This will be the last newsletter mailed or emailed out until a replacement is found.


SCCM Needs for April (from SCCM Website)

Salad Dressing, Mayo, Boxed Potatoes, Hamburger Helper, Sugar/Flour (2 lb bags), Canned Fruits, Cake Mix, Cookie Mix, Rice Side Dishes, Muffin Mix, Jelly, Grits, Gravy
Mustard, Canned Chicken, Canned Pasta, Ketchup, Deodorant, Paper Towels, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste (small sizes), Shampoo, Laundry Detergent, Dish Soap, Cleaning Supplies


Tabulator’s for April………Gordon Burleson / Linda Stiller

Pine Grove family:
Anita Ammerman
Bob Ammerman
Greg Ammerman
Donnie Bowers
Melody Bowers
Kent Bunting
Trudy Bunting
David Burleson
Oleamer Burleson
Cindy Dry
Jackie Hartman
Debbie Stiller
Dolan Tucker
Jo Tucker
Luke Tucker
Art Whitaker

Homebound/Nursing Home Members:
Sandra Almond
Betty Jean Burleson
John Burleson
Ann Mercer 

Extended family:
Terri Bennet – Kathy Odell’s cousin
Kim Burleson – Oleamer’s son
Cheryl – Sam’s cousin
James Calloway – Kelly’s uncle
Travis Dry – Ron & Cindy’s son
Jonathan Hartman – Pastor Ron’s son
Glenda Huneycutt – Angela’s Mother
Larry & Judy Lambert – Sam’s parents
Ian Simmons – Gerald & Gail’s grandson
Rodney Tomberlin – Roddy’s Father

 Friends and Neighbors:
Family of Henry Anderson, Reggie Barringer, Vickie Barringer, John Broadway, Andria Brown, Trent Burleson, Family of Diane Coble, Graham Crosby, Angela Frick, Betty Furr, Chris Harleson, Jimmy Harris, Mandy Hill, Ron Huneycutt, Wanda Huneycutt, David Jackson, Roger Lowder, Pastor Beverly Mauldin, Mattie McCree, Family of Glen Mullis, Rachel Nance, Debbie Poplin, Robin Reed, Wayne Rich, Lucy Seick, Tonya Wilhelm.

 If you know that one or more of the people listed above can now be removed from the Prayer Concerns please send a message to office@pinegroveumcalbemarle.org or call or text 704-906-4390 (Nancy L. Burleson) to advise. 

Thank you!
Please stay safe,

Nancy L. Burleson
Communication Coordinator